The Top 4 Large Cigar Humidors!

large cigar humidorLarge cigar humidors are being used by many cigar aficionados, retail cigar shops, and restaurants because they simply need more quality storage for their larger cigar selections.

There are several that are effective for storing cigars or pipe tobacco. Actually, there are many that are presently on the market at this time…

Some store 400 or more, others store up to 200. Let me show you the best ones in both of those ranges.

Here are The Top 4 Large Cigar Humidors:

Large 400 Cigar Medici Humidor Chest – This is an exceptional humidor because it has a considerable capacity, up to 500 cigars (even though it says 400 cigars in the title of this large cigar humidor), and it is a quality unit all around .

It is well constructed. You will have will have a humidor that is very long lasting. In fact, this humidor is very useful because has a patented seal which keeps your cigars, perhaps, fresher than other humidors.

It has a nice walnut finish and is lined with Spanish cedar, and at a low price point for a large humidor it’s hard to find anything better for a humidor that can store 400 + cigars.

400 cigar humidor chestFeatures Of The Medici Humidor:

  • 500 Cigar Capacity.
  • Two Rectangle Humidifiers(large).
  • A Glass Hygrometer that is analog, and has a nice brass ring.
  • A technology called SureSeal® that is touted to properly seal your humidor when you close it.
  • Two trays and dividers. The trays are made of Spanish Cedar.
  • Two bottom dividers.
  • This humidor has Spanish Cedar lining throughout.
  • There is a lock and key (gold plate), with a small tassel (that I could do without).
  • The bottom of this humidor is lined with felt.
  • 16 3/4 inches wide,  11 7/8 deep, 16 1/2″ tall.

The Windsor – This humidor has 2 large drawers where you can store your cigars and other accessories. It can also store up to 300 cigars in it’s bulky storing area. This is a quality humidor that is nice looking. It is simple, and it is a popular choice.

humidor with drawersWindsor Cigar Humidor Features:

  • 300 cigars capacity!
  • Gorgeous Cherry Wood Finish.
  • Two Dividers made of Spanish Cedar.
  • Two Humidifiers.
  • Cigar Hygrometer (Quality).
  • Large Tray which is removable.
  • Spanish Cedar Lining.
  • Two Cigar Accessory Drawers.
  • Golden Lock With a Key.
  • Brass Hinges (which lock).
  • Quality Craftsmanship
  • 18 inches wide 11-1/4 inches deep 11 inches high.

Chalons 7 Drawer Cherry Humidor – This is also a nice large cigar humidor, and it has a storage capacity up to 210 cigars. Also, many customers really like it. The reason they like it is because one of the features that makes it more useful than some is that it has 7 removable drawers with adjustable dividers. Also, it is made up of a rich cherry wood gloss finish and it does an excellent job of storing your stogies:

Chalons 7 Drawer HumidorChalons Humidor Features:

  • 210 cigar capacity.
  • Cherry Wood Finish (Gloss)
  • Seven Drawers which are removable and you can adjust the dividers in each.
  • Hygrometer (a built in unit which is also external).
  • 12-1/2 inches wide, 12-1/2″ deep, 20-1/2 inches high.

Large Window Display Cigar Humidor – This humidor has a gold-plated lock and magnetic closure on the rear door which keeps the cigars secured and fresh. It’s ideal for stores and restaurants that want their cigars easy to observe and choose from without having to open it.

Large Window Display Cigar HumidorFeatures of the Large Window Display Humidor:

  • There is a closer that is magnetic, making it feel solid when it closes. There is also a lock on door located on the back of this large cigar humidor which keeps your cigars secured and fresh.
  • This unit is lined with Spanish cedar throughout.
  • The wood finish once again is cherry.
  • There is a hygrometer which is located on the front.
  • Perfect for cigar stores, restaurants, or even homes.

The large humidors mentioned above are the top 4 cigar humidors on the market, in our opinion. We based our decision upon craftsmanship, price, and aesthetics.

My Favorite Large Cigar Humidor:

If you need a humidor that has a large capacity the first unit above is the way to go.

But if you are needing something in the 200 range, my favorite is the Chalons large cigar humidor.

It is gorgeous, and stands proud. But the easy access and excellent humidity regulation makes it my personal favorite.

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  1. Robin Rushlo

    Chalons Humidor I own and I love it. It is the best I have ever had, I smoke only Maduro cigars. It hold the flavor perfectly. My business partner got for me for a Christmas present. Awesome gift. You can place just about any size cigar you want in it. I give it a 11 rating out of 10.

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