Top 2 Cigar Magazines!

Cigar magazines are few and far between because there are only a few big players in the print magazine industry that cater to the cigar connoisseur on a consumer level, and competition is fierce.

However, the few magazines that remain are quite good. Excellent to be precise…

There are commercial magazines, which are the magazines or trade publications which help cigar and smoke shops sell more cigar related items, and run their businesses more efficiently. One such magazine is Smokeshop Magazine.

But we are focusing on cigar magazines that cater to our passion; quality cigars.

Here Is The Best Cigar Magazine:

cigar aficionadoCigar Aficionado:

This magazine covers everything from the world of cigars. The articles are good, and they are really on top of the latest news, and it’s THE magazine if you want to learn what the top sports athletes and celebrities are smoking and why.

The website has over 13,000 cigar ratings that have been rated by experts in the industry. You can search cigars by price, score, country, wrapper style, size and more.

There’s a blog section you can interact with (not as good as hours thought), and the website has the same typical content as the magazine with articles, interviews and other important information form the world of cigar smoking.

Smoke Magazine:

smoke magazineThis magazine covers the world of cigars and smoke related products. The articles are usually quite interesting, and helpful.

The web site has an auctions section where you can bid on cigars and related products.

There are various news items on the website about the cigar industry as well as classified ads.

It covers how cigars are made as well as giving you cigar reviews so you know which the best ones are.

Honorable Mentions:

Cigars Magazine:

This is an online magazine dedicated to the world of cigars and smoking related products. It features cigar of the week, cigar girl of the week, and picture of the week. There’s an encyclopedia so you can exploring everything about cigars and tobacco products. Learn about cigars and food and as well as various drinks to have with them. Use the guide to explore the world of cigars and view an ton of very informative articles on this comprehensive magazine site dedicated to cigars and related products.

Cigar and Spirits Magazine:

This magazine is an upcoming publication that covers the world of spirits and cigars. It’s bi-monthly as of 2012. You can view this publication online and read all about cigar brands. There’s information about the cigar lifestyle and news about the cigar industry. There’s review about other topics too such as golf, Los Vegas, nightlife, and restaurants. You can join the Cigar & Spirits Tasting Club and network with cigar and spirits tasting enthusiasts. View the club whenever you want for the best in life, philosophy, politics, business, family, and friendships.

Cigar Weekly:

Cigar is a web site that has two primary functions and a multitude of great benefits. This is a weekly magazine that is written by members form all over the world. Contact them if you want to get an article published. The magazine covers everything about cigars and the cigar lifestyle. They have a database of cigars, an events calendar, photograph gallery and tons more.

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