Travel Cigar Humidor Guide!

Travel Humidor
Cedar Lined Travel Humidor

For those who enjoy a great cigar even when traveling, a quality crafted travel cigar humidor is a must. Without one, your fine cigar will dry out, get crushed or maybe get stale. With the right sized cigar humidor to safely protect your favorite brand, you can take them along anywhere and still enjoy them just like if they had been stored in a full-size humidor.

Depending on your needs, these smaller humidors can be waterproof, airtight, or even unsinkable for travel around water (the cigar caddy 3400 is the perfect example. High-tech inner foam materials should cradle each cigar preventing any from being crushed or bumped.

Size for the go-anywhere case depends on how many of their favorites the smoker would like to carry and of what size. Outward appearance doesn’t always convey the amount of cigars that will fit inside, so when purchasing this item be sure to know the band size and length of your intended brand for smoking.

Top Travel Cigar Humidor Value:

Travel Cigar Humidor
Cigar Caddy 3400 Travel Cigar Humidor
  • Holds 5 cigars
  • Material: abs plastic
  • Benefits: It floats, has an airtight seal, and will keep your cigars dry up to 100 feet deep!
  • Locks
Cigar Travel Humidor Interior
Interior Of The Cigar Caddy 3400

The Cigar Caddy 3400 is perfect for any trip, especially if you are going to be on a boat, fishing, or doing any sort of water related activities because it’s airtight, keeps you cigars safe and fresh, and it’s very inexpensive.

Leather cigar travel case
2 cigar leather travel case

For something a little more casual to keep around your car our home and you are not relying on them being stored for long, requiring a humidifier or a tight seal, the 2 cigar travel case is quite nice.

If you want more elegant or luxurious travel humidors for taking from one destination to the next and setting down in a home or office then go with a more traditional travel cigar humidor…

Most humidors made for packing along are made out of leather or wood. Inside they are commonly lined with cedar which helps maintain the tobacco’s freshness longer.

A velvet or other protective material pouch may be included to preserve the outer wood or leather finish.

Top quality personal sized humidors will always contain some sort of moisture regulator or humidifier, often more than one, to keep your tobacco treats moist and in perfect shape for smoking. Several drops of water must be placed in the tiny humidifier and replenished according to directions. Distilled or bottled water is best for this purpose. Once a cigar dries out it will never regain its full flavor even after rehydration.

A Luxury Travel Cigar Humidor:

Csonka Cigar Travel Humidor
Csonka Cigar Valet Travel Humidor

If longer cigars are preferred, traveler-sized humidifier units can be found in telescoping varieties. Circular tube styles are also made for situations where extreme care is needed from being crushed.

Broad is the price range for a person-on-the-go’s portable humidifier – humidor, starting at approximately $20 going as high as a little over $1,300. The higher end may be made of crocodile leather, calfskin, Elm burl wood, natural leather, red mahogany or other elite materials.

These exceptionally well-made boxes should have a perfectly matched fit between top and bottom. These may generally maintain the perfect moisture level for one month without a refill of purified water.

Lower in price, traveling humidifiers may have outer shells made of more

common but equally protective materials such as ABS plastic which is very hard. This style may be just the thing for fishing and camping. Many units at the lower end in price will be able to keep tobacco fresh for 7 days.

Simply put, the two main functions of any travel cigar humidor is to protect and keep your favorite cigars in silky-smooth smoking condition away from home.

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