Types of Cigars

Cigar Types
Cigar Types

A Simple Guide To The ‘Types of Cigars’…

If you are new to cigar smoking, the vast selection of styles and sizes can be bewildering at first. The first thing you should know is cigars are broken down into two categories: parejos and figuardos.

The first group, parejos, are cigars which are, for the most part, straight. Parejos are divided into three subcategories: corona, panatela, and Lonsdale. Coronas are probably the most popular and come in a variety of styles to choose from. They are known for their round head and open foot, or tip. Panatelas are longer and thicker than Coronas. Lonsdales are longer than Coronas as well, but they are the thinnest of the three.

Figurados are the second main category of cigars. Figuardos are more irregular in shape and not exactly straight, as if they are each made by hand to be only slightly off. Belicoso cigars are the smallest of the figuardos. They have small, rounded heads, and a larger foot. The Pyramid has, as the name would suggest, a pointed head which taper off to a large foot. The Perfecto cigar is tapered on the head and feet and thinner in the middle. The Diademas is the largest of the figuardos and is commonly known as the ‘giant’ among cigars as it is eight or more inches longer than any other cigar.

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