Valencia Glass Top Humidor Review

valencia glass top cigar humidorThe Valencia Glass Top Humidor is one of the more popular, lower priced humidors on the market. But the low price is not reflected in the quality of this humidor…

Avid cigar smokers will find the Valencia to be a useful and functional device. It uses beveled glass and Spanish cedar wood, and it gives off an overall classy appeal.

This model of humidor can accommodate around 100 cigars, and it has adjustable dividers too. It is also equipped with an external hygrometer so that you can conveniently monitor the unit’s humidity level. The accompanying humidifier also ensures that your cigars stay moist and fresh.

Features of the Valencia Glass Top Humidor:

  1. Large Capacity for Cigars – The Valencia Glass Top humidor can hold around 100 pieces of cigars.
  2. Functional Storage System – The unit has a removable tray with 2 adjustable dividers. There’s also an additional storage space underneath the tray. The tray and dividers are made of Spanish cedar.
  3. Large Hygrometer – An external hygrometer is strategically placed on the front side of the unit for easy monitoring of humidity.
  4. Elegant Design – The Valencia humidor uses beveled glass and Spanish cedar wood. Its glossy finish also makes it more appealing. The inset side handles are made of high quality brass metal.


  • Product Dimension: 14 ¾ x 9 ¾ x 7 inches
  • Product Weight: Approximately 13 pounds

How to Use and Set Up the Valencia Glass Top Humidor?

Before placing your cigars in the humidor, you have to make sure that it has the right humidity level first. By looking at the unit’s hygrometer, you can determine the internal humidity level of the device. The ideal humidity is anywhere from 60 to 70 percent, as different people have different preferences for the moisture in their cigars.

The Valencia glass top humidor comes with a large humidifier. You need to soak this in water (distilled water) for about 15 minutes so that it can provide moisture for your cigars. But before putting it back inside the unit, make sure that it’s not dripping wet as it can ruin the Spanish cedar lining on your humidor.


  • Well-designed – Bejeweled glass windows are not only located on the top portion of the box but on the front sides as well.
  • High Quality – The unit uses solid wood construction using Spanish cedar materials for the tray, dividers, and linings.
  • Reasonably priced – Compared to other humidors with the same functionality, this unit is priced very low. It costs less than a hundred dollars.
  • Work of art – The Valencia Glass top humidor not only functions as a place to keep cigars moist, it also makes for an elegant tabletop decoration.

valencia humidorCons:

Some customers complained that the humidor didn’t come with detailed instructions on how to set the unit up. Viewing instructional videos on Youtube can help beginners with this dilemma, or you can read this article on seasoning a humidor.

Customer Reviews

Customers who have already purchased and used the Valencia Glass Top Humidor are very pleased with the appearance and performance of the unit. In fact, it’s hard to find negative comments about this particular model of humidor on the internet. Consumers found it to be reasonably priced and functional as well.

The only complaint we found online was from a consumer who didn’t know how to set up the unit. According to said customer, there were no instructions included in the package. However, as there were instructional videos on Youtube, the problem is resolved quickly.

Our Recommendation

We recommend this model of humidor because of its efficiency, overall functionality, and low price. You can enjoy your cigars more if you use this device as a storage box as it can provide the right levels of humidity in keeping your cigars moist. Indeed, the Valencia Glass top humidor can serve its purpose for cigar connoisseurs, and it’s a great gift idea too.

For a slightly better humidor that holds 50 cigars, see the El Ray listed last on this page.

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