Vector Tri Pump Lighter Review!

Vector Tri PumpThe Vector Trip Pump lighter is a unique cigar lighter that is a solid piece of work. It has a vintage look to it, but it’s using advanced lighter technology to enhance your experience.

There are very few lighters that are like it.

You’ll find that it makes a nice table top lighter for most rooms, and it’s quite the charmer.

The world is your oyster until you try to light up that big cigar with an ordinary lighter. The flame sputters. It hesitates. It lights unevenly, missing by a centimeter (that might as well be a country mile) that satisfying, even, cherry red glow. You need a flame that just won’t quit. You need a Vector Tri-Pump Lighter.

  • This heavy-duty triple flame tabletop lighter is the ideal accessory for smoking pleasure. Incorporating the very best in torch flame technology, it’s powerful enough for industrial use, but is primarily favored for lighting that big cigar.

The canister comes with an attached handle and a mounted torch that can be adjusted to give you just the right flame. The all metal lighter comes in eight attractive colors; black matte, gun metal, mahogany maple lacquer, two-tone black and chrome, chrome satin, gold, high polish chrome, and nickel.

Vector Tri Pump LighterAnd what a conversation piece!

This lighter is so amazing, people want to fire it up just to watch it in action. There’s no wearing down of your thumb, pressing on a rotary wheel, trying to strike a flame. All you do is push a button.

Can anything be simpler? Yes! Because not only is the Vector Tri-Pump Lighter a handsome addition to your coffee table setting, and receives the enthusiastic attention of all your friends, it can be used outdoors.

No more shielding your lighter against the wind’s direction. No more vain attempts in bad weather or frustrations when the flame goes out. With a five year guarantee, you simply can’t go wrong. Is there a downside to this? Only if you own one, your wife will probably want one, too. Don’t take it to your garage or you might be tempted to find out just what it can do.

You’ll enjoy lighting your cigar with the Vector Trip Pump lighter. The lighter is solid Solid metal table lighter is the perfect tool to light your cigars!

This lighter is basically the same as their Megapump lighter. But the Trip Pump is a trip torch design whereas the Megapump is a single torch design.

Specifications of the Tri Pump:

  • 3.25 inches Long
  • 5 inches high
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty!

Recommended accessory: Quintuplus butane which is Refined five times.

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