Versailles Humidor Review

The Quality Importers Versailles Humidor is a luxurious desktop humidor that works efficiently and is priced quite low for the of quality workmanship that was put into it.

versailles humidorQuality Importers is a cigar and humidor accessories importer and manufacturer. They supply the Versailles humidor’s on the market, and they maintain a quality standard that is not matched in the industry.

The Versailles is a very well constructed, and quite handsome.

It fills a desktop humidor niche where quality, function, and form all meet together at a very fair price. Under $100!

The craftsmanship is excellent and heavy duty. It’s 6 pounds! So you know that it’s a solid piece.

The liner for this humidor is Spanish Cedar, and it’s installed perfectly unlike some cheaper alternatives. And this is important.

Even with the stock humidifier you get with this humidor, after seasoning, you will find that since it’s a heavy well constructed piece and it has a tight seal it will maintain humidity at seventy percent. Very few customers have issues with the humidifier but you can easily buy a better one and install it no problem.

Some customers did have issues with the hygrometer, which is not unusual. Some customers did not so keep that in mind. But the good news is you can easily tweak it with household tools. Or, you can buy another one for a few bucks and replace it (maybe digital?).

Don’t let the humidifier and hydrometer keep you from buying this humidor because overall it’s an excellent value. You get a lot for under $100!

Like I said, the actual seal on the humidor is perfect. And it looks elegant with it’s gorgeous cherry finish. As a matter of fact, the pictures do not do it justice…

Quality Importers Versailles HumidorMain Features of the Versailles Humidor:

  • 100 Cigar Threshold (give or take depending on the size).
  • The front and top portions contain well beveled and tempered glass for expanded viewing.
  • Comes with a humidifier and hygrometer (in a nice brass frame). The humidifier is the rectangle kind. Both of these are not top notch but they will get the job done. Recommended: Spend a few bucks and get better quality ones and you’ll have yourself an awesome humidor.
  • There are two dividers and a Spanish cedar tray which are handy and well made.
  • For safety purposes, the piece comes with a very beautifully decorated key. The humidor looks perfect from the gold plated lock and its key that has a tassel
  • Cool feature: it comes with brass handles on the sides, and they are recessed, making it look quite stunning overall.
  • Measurements: 14.5 inches wide. 9.5 inches deep. 7 inches high.

This humidor comes with my highest recommendation. I own one myself and love to walk into the room and see it sitting pretty. You will too!

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