What are the Most Common Sizes and Shapes of Cigars

Topedo Shaped Cigar
Topedo Shaped Cigar

Are you familiar of the ways on how to categorize cigars? For sure, you would simply categorize cigars through their brands or names or the flavors that usually come with them.

But are you aware of the fact that identifying a particular category of a cigar is dome through its size and shape?

This must be something new to you and for others out there who smoke a lot but don’t know how their cigars are categorized.

Like what has been mentioned earlier, identifying the size and shape of cigars is one common procedure in which a person can categorize cigars. This might seem to be simple but it can also seem complicated if you are not yet familiar with it.

For a number of years now, terms like Panatela and Corona have been popular in the cigarette industry and these usually corresponds to the width and length of the cigarette and not to the brand or name of the manufacturer.

The truth is that many manufacturers have used common size names in order to identify and modify their cigarettes; however, specific cigarette’s actual size may vary from one to another particularly to the manufacturers.

Furthermore, you can now have different sizes of cigars to day like the old fellows had before. Manufacturers have already created names for their own cigarettes that usually come in certain sizes. In fact, it isn’t very common to find two cigars of similar size that come from two different cigar companies and with two distinct names to define the cigar’s size.

So it will not be confusing for you to identify the name of a specific cigar, it will be a better suggestion to make use of the length or size in telling the respective name. The length and width for instance should go along together to help you identify the name of a specific cigar having that particular length and width.

However, it is said that it is more interesting to mention the specific names of the cigars than telling their sizes or lengths. With these things in mind, you will be much delighted to think that these are all parts of a cigar’s mystique. And if you are a cigar-lover, you would certainly agree with this.

You may not have the option to use the names of cigars because of their shapes but because of their sizes. For you to have a better understanding about the cigar sizes and the names given to each size category, you may refer to the presentation below and familiarize the different sizes of cigars with their corresponding names:

Length: 6.5 to 7
Ring Gauge: 46 to 48

Length: 5.5 to 6
Ring Gauge: 42 to 45

Length: 6 to 6.5
Ring Gauge: 42 to 44

Length: 5.5 to 6.5
Ring Gauge: 34 to 38

Length: 7 to 8.5
Ring Gauge: 52 to 60

Length: 4.5 to 5
Ring Gauge: 48 to 50

Length: 6 to 6.5
Ring Gauge: 48 to 50

Length:5.5 to 6.5
Ring Gauge: 46 to 52

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