What Is A Good Cigar?

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There is varying opinion on what is a good cigar because every cigar smoker has different tastes and expectations.

However, there are some fundamental cigar basics that will dictate the potential for a good cigar.

So lets begin with the basics and then go from there.

Cigar Construction and Tobacco:

The two main components of a good cigar are the construction and the tobacco. If you have been unlucky enough to smoke a fake Cuban cigar then you will already be familiar with what a bad cigar tastes like.

There are a huge variety of cigars currently available, you can pay a few dollars for a cheap cigar, however a good cigar can cost as much as $30.

The construction of the cigar is an important factor because this will influence the taste and draw of the cigar. The correct amount of filler is essential to a good cigar. When lit a good cigar should burn evenly and if this is not the case then the rolling process is likely to be of poor quality.

Cigar ‘Body’:

The so called ‘body’ of cigars does not pertain to the actual size, length, and width of a cigar. When we discover ‘body’ we are referring to the flavor of a cigar. A cigar with a ‘full body’ or ‘full bodied’ flavor is strong and heavy in flavor. The flavors range from strong (full bodied), to medium and mild bodies.

The amount of ‘body’ does not refer to the amount of nicotine either. It’s all about the flavor!

Tobacco growing countries grows it’s own distinct brand or type of tobacco and most aficionados can literally figure out what country a cigar was manufactured in by it’s taste alone.

Here is a basic list of countries that grow tobacco and what type of strength the tobacco has relative to where it was grown. The following list shows the countries of origin where the three types of body strength are grown…

Light Body or Mild Body Cigars:

• Jamaica
• Dominican Republic
• Puerto Rico
• United States
• Philippines

Medium Bodied:

• Mexico
• Honduras (medium to full body)
• Nicaragua (medium to full body)
• Brazil

Full Body Cigar Taste:

• Honduras
• Nicaragua
• Costa Rica
• Cuba

Cigar Ash:

cigar ashAnother factor of a good cigar is the ash. When you smoke a cigar the ash should not fall off regularly. A good cigar should be firm, smooth to the touch and only have one shade of leaves covering it.

A good cigar will have the highest quality tobacco, if you experience burning in the mouth or if the taste is harsh then these are signs that the tobacco is of poor quality.

Some cigar brands have been in business for a very long time, research has found that Davidoff actually rejects more cigars than they sell during the production process.

The major brands will want to maintain a solid reputation for producing the best tasting cigars using the high quality tobacco. Although these cigars will usually be more expensive they are generally a safe option when it comes to choosing a good cigar.

Some of the famous cigars include Trinidad, Romeo Y Julieta, Cohiba, Bolivar, H. Upman, Ramon Allones and Montecristo. Cuban cigars are famous cigars mainly because Cuba has a reputation of producing excellent cigars. Cuban cigars are also usually made by hand which can result in the best quality cigar.

Montecristo is one of the most famous Cuban cigars and it is in fact one of the most popular cigars on the market. Montecristo is available in a variety of different styles and sizes, it also covers all kinds of different personal preferences and tastes. The leaves are individually selected from the Vuelta Abajo region which is where the highest quality tobacco is grown. This cigar has a rich aroma and a smooth taste which means that it appeals to both newcomers and cigar veterans.

It can be difficult to find Cuban cigars in the United States but if you can get your hands on the Montecristo or Cohiba brand then these are international known as the highest quality cigars in the business.


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