Xikar Cutter XI Review:

XIKAR-CUTTER-XIDon’t convince yourself that any pair of cutters will do for clipping the end of your cigar.

If the cutters have dulled or are not conforming enough to make a clean clip, the results will be ragged, tiny ends of tobacco spoiling the carefully blended flavor of your handcrafted cigar, or worse, a crushed end.

The Xixar Cutter XI gives you state of the arts technology in a beautiful, compact teardrop shape that fits safely and comfortably in your pocket.

The Xikar Cutter XI comes in a large variety of design colors, from a soft, silver gray for the person who likes quiet, classical tones, to the get down -rocker patterns for the young high-roller.

You’ll like the feel of this spring-loaded cutter, that opens up with a solid, satisfying sound, and snaps closed just as solidly, with a built-in locking mechanism to assure it stays closed when not in use.

This is a cutter you can carry around with assurance; just the right size to fit into your pocket. And it will not break and it will not accidentally spring open.

The blades stay close together as they slide in for the cut, which is critical for cutting the cigar cleanly without pinching. With an aluminum body and stainless steel blades, you have a cutter that is lightweight, durable, and always has a fine, sharp edge.

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